Friday, 12 December 2014

Hey there!

Hello! I am known as Vannesa among the strangers that use the world wide web. Vannesa was a name I made for myself since I was young to be used on the internet. I don't know why, but it stuck to me to this day.This is my first blog post. I'm a student that aspires to be a graphic designer, Youtube enthusiast and proud hand letter. My friends describe me as creative and caring, but sensitive and self critical at times, it's your choice whether or not to believe it!

In 2013, I graduated primary school and moved on to secondary.Everyone else went their seperate ways and I faced the ever so terrifying new school with only one of my best friends beside me. I was timid,anxious and my normally extroverted side faded away. When my class was selecting monitors,it took me that one second of courage and insanity to raise my hand. As a result, I landed on the spot of an assistant monitor.

At the end of April, all it took was a surge of over-confidence to cause a serious conflict with the class monitor which resulted into mass discussion and cyber bullying from many students. Many discussed the matter online publicly,where I could see them in a click of a button. It was my major fall of the year, and I felt panicky,helpless,and worthless.

After many hours of browsing for pep-talks, endless messages left on my Facebook, many weeks of thinking (and crying!) later, I slowly reached out to recovery. I found things that made me happy, friends that were supportive.... These things made me crawl out of a deep dark abyss. I wanted to make a difference in other people's lives like they did for me, and this is when I decided to create my blog.

The Good Creative is a platform where I can document my life, help others in need and (hopefully) influence other people in a positive way. It can be a place to communicate to understand each other, and I believe understanding is a very strong force. There will be writings from my wandering mind, designs I make in my free time as well as documentations of my daily adventures.

If you read all of this, thank you, and I hope you stick around.