Monday, 23 February 2015

Girl Online Review! *SPOILER ALERT*

Hey! I'm back again after project after presentation. It's Valentine's Day as I'm writing this. (side note: I was prematurely born, and I was brought home on Valentine's Day. My mum wanted to nickname me Valentine!) At home like it's a regular Saturday, I'm sharing my thoughts about one of my favourite books at the moment - Girl Online written by the lovely Zoe Sugg!

When I realised Zoe was writing a book, I was sad because I thought it wouldn't be in the book stores in my country. I read the first chapter on Louise's (sprinkleofglitter) Facebook and got so interested in the story. The next time I went to the book store, I saw Girl Online sitting on a book shelf alone on the "New Arrivals" rack. I didn't hesitate and picked it up immediately. 

Noah said: " Art was supposed to make you feel something."  This book probably was a magnificent piece of art,it made me feel so many things!
1. It made me feel confidence, that I could actually do it. It was something that sparked suddenly when I was reading that book, and for that I am grateful.

2. It made me feel acceptance. It was okay to be anxious. I do not suffer from panic attacks of any sort but I do get anxious before presentations and it was a huge obstacle to my confidence. Accept what you are feeling, that it is normal. But do not let them bring you down. You must find a way to overcome them. You can do it!

3. I loved the way Penny's blog was written in such a chatty way. She also chose to write it annoymously which was a concept that crossed my mind when I was contemplating to start a blog. In the end, I chose not to as I wanted to interact and post about my travels or discoveries. I would follow Penny's blog in a jiffy if it was real!

4. Near to the end, the major twist made me grip to my book, however I was hoping for more story development on the part where it was actually a scam if that makes any sense? I thought it escalated rather quickly and would've needed a little more elaboration.

5. I really connected with Penny's major breakdown. I absolutely felt a connection when I read about Penny's major reveal. The emotions she felt were once mine and it's amazing that I surpassed them! If you're feeling low at the moment know that things will pass and one day you'll wake up feeling not so sad anymore. This is the perfect segway to announce that I will be writing a positivity series after my exams so you can keep an eye out for it!

Overall, this book emitted a warm, cozy vibe that is a suitable book to curl up with at the end of the day with a cup of tea. Warning: Laughs, blushes and possibly tears may erupt while reading this book! Fortunately, I did not mind the fact that it was ghost written in some parts, I enjoyed the story nonetheless. 

I really wanted to write a detailed review but my restricted vocabulary does not allow me to do so. I hope you enjoyed my first book review. Read up bookworms! I hope happy days come your way :)

Girl Online, going off
Ness. :)